A Shed is a Financial Asset

A Shed is a Financial Asset


Have you considered the financial benefits of a shed on your property?

Often people think about the solutions they need from a shed like covering farm equipment, housing stock and storage, in which case a custom-designed shed is suitable. But a structure like this is worth a bit more then just the practical purposes, they have long-term financial benefits too.


Asset Growth

Your property's value will slowly increase overtime, this is why long term investment in real estate is popular. But you can significantly increase the value of your property with additional well built structures. When it comes to selling your property, you will be able to demand higher prices if you property offers the extra added values that come from practical assets such as sheds and garages.

If you think outside the box, you can have more then just shelter or storage, in some circumstances it can even be a detached living area. With Garage World Townsville we can organise to include plumbing and electrical, making the structure more attractive and valuable.


Work from home

The commute to work can often be a drain on your time and lifestyle. Sheds and garages can be tailored towards a work from home lifestyle which will cut down on the costs of commuting and improve efficiency by allowing you to create a workspace specifically suited towards your personal needs.


Save Energy

There are many energy saving techniques which we can discuss with you when you build a shed or garage. Solar panels and whirlybirds are examples of add-ons which help save on energy consumption. When building a shed or garage, it's important to consider the colour of the paint, white is by far the best at reducing the amount of heat your shed absorbs. We can discuss these different strategies with you to find which is best for you.

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