Design The Mightiest Man Cave in Townsville

Recently, we've been talking a lot about She Sheds, which is the female version of the man cave, but now we'd like to go back to our roots.

There are many ways you can revolutionise the traditional man cave and turn it into the MIGHTY MAN CAVE!


How to design your shed or garage to match your home

When it comes to designing your shed or garage, it really should suit the property.  

You have all the options you need to make it seamlessly match, and have it custom designed to suit.


Why Garaports and Carports are a smart decision

Perhaps you've already started thinking about custom-designed garage, or carport. But have you considered combining them all together? 

That's exactly what a garaport is; it's when you combine a garage and a carport together.


Why you should add a livable shed to your property

Livable sheds are definitely growing in popularity since a dramatic decrease in price and increase in strength. 

Everyone has a different way that they use their sheds, how will you use yours?


A Cottage Style Shed to match Heritage-Listed Site


A space to cut, grind and weld metal, with a matching space for the cars.  Living the dream!


A beautiful liveable shed


Not all sheds are created equally, inside this shed is a beautiful home.


A Creative Shed with attached Carport and Side Awning


Using her shed for mossaic work and pottery, plus large sculptures and other creative projects.


DUO Feature - The She Shed Revolution in Townsville

Gone are the days when sheds were merely a place to dump junk and park cars.

Just ask these three local Ladies who are part of the growing trend of females taking over the traditional 'man cave' to create their own 'she sheds'.


3 Intelligent Design Choices for Awnings

Making good creative decisions can give you great benefits when designing your awning, veranda or patio.

We specialise in custom design, and we use strong steel, so your investment is going to stand up to any cyclones. It really becomes a question of what do you actually want to do?


How a little extra for your shed will save you a lot more

Making smart decisions will improve the quality of your structure and return greater value over your lifetime.

Whether you are building a shed, garage, workshop, barn, patio or awning, your decisions to improve the little things will greatly improve the long-term value.


3 Quick Ways to make your Shed Energy Efficient

In the design phase of your shed, you are able to incorporate really clever ideas that will radically reduce the reliance on energy. 

We made these steps to help you move forward in prioritising energy efficiency throughout the creative process of building your shed.  Any design that incorporates energy saving techniques will create long-term savings, which is money in the bank.


Commercial Sheds for a large retail showroom

There is a lot to be said for space, and your retail showroom is important to have all your products displayed neatly. 

If you have put a lot of effort into your website and marketing, it's important to back it up with your impressive showroom to match.


Large Sheds and Bright Ideas

Looking good on the inside is just as important as looking good on the outside.

Planning with good interior design ideas will improve the value of your shed, we can show you how!


Sheds for men, sheds for women

You've most likely heard the term 'man cave'. Now we'd like to introduce you to the term 'she shed'.

Usually when people think of sheds there is often a masculine assumption, but we can all agree that the modern woman deserves her special place too.


How Long Does it Take to Build a Shed?

The process of building a structure can take a bit longer then people first assume.

There are many steps along the way.  Something like the council approval process can take as long as 3 weeks.  While we strive to have this process finished earlier, you can expect the entire process to take as long as 2 to 3 months as a rough guide.


Do I really need a shed builder in North Queensland?

The simple answer is yes, if you want to guarantee yourself a high quality outcome.

The process of building a shed, garage, carport, awning or any significant structure requires planning, specific skills and time.  During the process, anything can happen and you will have to manage the stress of a time demanding project.


Awesome Awnings for Townsville

It's not so much about just adding an awning, it's about recreating your lifestyle. 

If well planned and constructed, it will expand the value of your life by creating a new living space at home.


Townsville Shed Builders

Sheds have become more about building a space that allows for practical expansion of lifestyle. 

Never before has custom shed designs become more important.  No two people are the same, their needs are different and consequently their sheds are built differently too.   It's all about creating personalised spaces specific to your lifestyle, work and personality.


Custom built sheds in Townsville will save you money

Is it really possible to save money with a custom built shed?

It all comes down to the planning stage, and building with a complete vision.  This is about positioning yourself to save money in the long run. This is about making the right investments now to ensure that savings are experienced consistently from day one.


What to ask yourself before building a shed

What types of things do you need to think about?

Everyone's needs are a little different, you might want more storage space, or need a place to lock up your car, or a place to escape... Regardless of what your specific needs are, a custom designed shed is always the best option.


Add an awning

Renovating is a great way to improve your lifestyle.

Here a Garage World Townsville we can certainly help with your awnings, they don't just have a practical purpose of adding shade outside your property but they also look great and add value.


What are the benefits of building a patio?

While it is obvious that Garage World Townsville builds sheds and garages, we also specialise in constructing custom designed patios too. 

We work with you to design and incorporate personalised ideas and construct a space that allows you to relax or entertain after work or on the weekend.


Customising your shed to handle noise

Yes, it's your shed and you should be able to do whatever you want. However, there are some restrictions with regards to noise.

It is recommended that you consider addressing this during the design phase


Expand your options with a patio

Custom design a patio for BBQs all year round.

Patios give you the best of both worlds, to be outside while having the comforts of being inside.


Keep Cool in your Shed

How do you design your shed to stay cool in Summer?

It is important to design your shed right, and so it is very important to design it for your surroundings and conditions.


Information about roller doors

What advantage do you get from a roller door?

When you design your shed its important to remember that you can design it anyway you like! This includes what type of door you want on your shed.


What is a gable roof?

Think two slopes with a peak in the middle. 

When designing a custom shed, you have the option to design it as large as you want, and you have the option of designing the roof.

Maintain your shed  

Maintain your Shed

Maintaining is important to ensure it lasts.

With proper care, your shed will stay healthy longer.


Be More Creative With Your Shed

What are different ways to use your space?

Every now and then you find yourself asking the questions of maybe the space could be better used.


Design your shed the way you want it!

The new app is here!

With our new shed designing App, you can now explore all the options for how you want your shed or garage.


Be Environmentally Conscious and Save Money

Thinking green doesn't have to cost the earth.

This is an important idea to consider, as many people are unaware of the types of affordable green technology that is available.


Building approval for your shed

Building regulations and planning permits can be strict. 

Even when building something as simple as a carport, shed, garage or patio, it's important to do research to ensure that your structure abides by these regulations.


The Highest Quality Custom Designed Sheds

There is no point building a structure shed that can easily be destroyed by a cyclone 

We've demonstrated our expertise by investing and building the James Cook university's Cyclone Testing Station.


Choosing colours for your shed

Have you thought about which colour suits your property?

We encourage you to have fun and explore which colour is best for you.


A Shed is a Financial Asset

Have you considered the financial benefits of a shed on your property?

A structure like this is worth a bit more then just the practical purposes, they have long-term financial benefits too.


Using a closed plan shed for your office

Have you heard of a closed-plan shed?

It's particularly popular  for those who want to set up a efficient work space. There are many benefits.


What is galvanised steel?

Garage World Townsville builds to withstand cyclonic weather.  

Galvanised steel anchor brackets is one of the most important aspects of the structure. But why is galvanised steel so great?



Choose the dimensions, colours, insulation, door types and window options to suit your specific needs...

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Come see for yourself and speak to a project manager, you will be able to find out what all your options are...

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